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hermès 2020, innovation in the making : season's greetings

art director: isabelle casale / producer: Blandine BUXTORF-D'ORIA


fintech at fifty / 290 x 290 mm / 60p / 2019

in collaboration with thinkso and 5 cartoon artists. written and designed by thinkso.


accident du travail - live at cafe OTO

in collaboration with david maurissen



crafting hermès time / 2019

video instalation at hermès faubourg saint-honoré

in collaboration with dune(s) corporation


this movie and the publication were produced by Hermès for their watch event SIHH 2019

art director: isabelle casale / producer: karine clot / music: anthony carcone


trails to the cosmic vibrations: acid mothers temple & the melting paraiso u.f.o. / the observatory

cover art work / 2018 / external link is here


video article - Build Your Own City from "amag!" the architecture magazine for children / 2018

external link is here


acrylic object #01, #03 and #04 / 2018


invitatation for takahiro kurashima solo exhibition at morioka shoten / 5.29-6.3.2018


exhibition at morioka shoten in ginza tokyo / 5.29-6.3.2018


exhibition at mindpark in shenzhen china / 4.20-4.23.2018


poster for "swiss design sories" / 2018


"poemotion 3" published by lars müller publishers

photographed by györgy kőrössy


cover art work for "imagenes de mundo" by andres claro

bastante in santiago chile / 2017


poster for the book "Poemotion 2"

cyan, magenta, and yellow process inks were replaced with their fluorescent equivalents

1030 x 728 mm / offset / 2014


lithograph / 760*560 mm / japanese paper / 2018

every edition has different patterns, because the 2nd plate was sepalateted from the 1st when they were printed. this allows them to shift and change the pattern


posters for the department store (1000 strong will)

we attempted to express the harmony of one thousand lines

creative direction by katasumi yutani

1030 x 728 mm / silkscreen / 2003


illustration "seven angels" silkscreen / 2004


poemotion in a box made of paulownia wood / this is for the gallery "Madame La Marquise" in barcelona spain / 2012


illustration for annual report / 2008


cover illustration for business report / 2013


illustration "impossible forms" / 2018


illustration for the shopping mall in tokyo / 2008

takahiro kurashima












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