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“Poemotion” is a poem written by circles, triangles and squares about changes. Language is not a barrier to be able to read it.


“Poemotion” is a coined word that consists of Poem, Emotion and Motion. It is a story about stillness and motion, visibility and invisibility. These visuals will make you question how you see the world and question the existence of invisible things.


“Poemotion” is a book series published by Lars Müller Publishers in Switzerland. It was inspired by the technique named “Ombro Cinema” in the early 20s. When the reader overlays a striped film enclosed in each book on the abstract graphic patterns, they will vibrate, swirl and blur. The experience allows observers to create optical overlaps that can disappear as quickly as they take shape.


I am always fascinated by unseen things and unintentional forms, so it is my hope to create designs that come from my unconscious mind.